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Reminder: The exchange will not provide any recharge information by email or phone. If you need to inject funds, please contact online customer service! ! ! Thank you for your cooperation!
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Deliven to provide users with more secure and stable encrypted asset derivatives trading services
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Why are we the most friendly contract platform
Friendly experience one
The handling fee is 100%real -time return to a significant reduction in single costs, increasing profit opportunities
Friendly Experience 2
Speed ​​in and out of money, the money and gold, smooth and stuck without stuck, while ensuring the safety of user funds, it is notomed to not miss each one -line situation.
Friendly experience three
It only takes 10 seconds to complete the registration & open position. The unique safety risk control system protects the privacy of the user. The registration process is simpler
Friendly experience four
A comfortable and smooth interactive experience, the gold -level security deposit mechanism 24 hours online customer service, real -time answers of transaction questions
USDT Recharge
Before the money, please check the currency name of the coins carefully.。
Using USDT-ERC20 address money requires 12 networks to confirm to get the account
Using USDT-omni address money requires 2 networks to confirm to get the account
Using USDT-TRC20 address money requires 1 network to confirm to get the account
The minimum recharge amount of USDT is: 1. For this amount, this platform will not be confirmed that you should not recharge assets other than USDT, otherwise you will not be able to find it. Treatment of tokens
USDT recharge address